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business comfort protection plans

Business comfort protection plan

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Benefits of having Hauck Bros., Inc. as your business HVAC service and maintenance provider

WE PUT OUR CUSTOMERS’ INTERESTS ABOVE OUR OWN, since 1921 Hauck Bros., Inc. has built a reputation as a company that provides exceptional products and service at a competitive price WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

WE HAVE EXPERIENCED, FACTORY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED, DRUG FREE SERVICE TECHNICIANS on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide fast, courteous service for your new or existing heating and cooling equipment.

WE PROTECT YOUR ENERGY SAVINGS, energy wasting problems can’t be solved by equipment alone, even with the most energy efficient equipment your business or home can have hidden problems that can waste as much as 50 cents of every energy dollar. Our maintenance practices are designed to ensure your HVAC System delivers maximum energy savings.

WE ARE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HVAC COMPANY, we reclaim and recycle used refrigerants, we recycle old equipment, and we offer a full line of equipment that uses environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Why purchase a Comfort Protection Plan?

1. Improve unit efficiency & save $$$

2. Help your system last longer

3. Prevent untimely breakdowns

4. Enable your system to heat & hool better

5. Improve air quality & comfort


Get started

Typical Commercial inspections include:

  • Clean Condenser Coil, As Needed
  • Check Condenser Fan Motor
  • Check Compressor
  • Check Electrical Components
  • Check Wire Connections
  • Check Refrigerant Lines
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Check Thermostat & Sub-Base
  • Lubricate Blower Bearings
  • Lubricate Blower Motor
  • Check Blower Wheel
  • Check Delta “T”
  • Replace Filters
  • Check Belts

What’s the bottom line for your home or business?


Business Comfort Protection Plans (BCPP) typically more than pay for themselves through higher efficiency, less utility overpayment, and contractor discounts. BCPP customers receive a 10% discount on all parts and labor is also discounted for each service call.

Peace of Mind

Preventative maintenance will mean fewer system failures and a longer life for your HVAC equipment.

Priority Service

Should a system failure occur during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, customers with BCPP’s receive priority service.


We are often able to assign technicians to the specific customers. That way, you get to see and know the same service technician, and he or she becomes more familiar with you and your equipment

We service, maintain, and install commercial and residential equipment including:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Boilers
  • Duct Free Systems
  • Furnaces
  • Geothermal
  • Heat Pumps
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Packaged Rooftop Units
  • Thermostats
  • Ventilation
  • Water Heaters
  • Ductwork

Facts about HVAC from the U.S. Department of Energy

20% of the total electricity used in buildings worldwide goes towards air conditioners and electric fans.

Up to 40% of a building’s emissions come from the HVAC system.

30% increased compressor energy consumption due to a dirty condenser coil.

Want more facts? Visit the website.

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home comfort protection plans

Which Home Comfort Protection Plan is right for you?

By | Maintenance

Last month we reviewed Why Annual Maintenance on Your Furnace Makes Sense and Saves You Money!  This month we will go over the three Home Comfort Protection Plans we offer; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. At Hauck Bros., Inc. we focus on making sure your HVAC equipment system makes you, your family, or your employees as comfortable as possible while promoting a healthy indoor environment. We also want to make sure your HVAC equipment operates as efficiently as possible throughout its’ life cycle. To this end we use the ACCA Standard 4 as the basis for our inspection lists.  According to ACCA, “There was no way to determine if the many types of “seasonal tune-ups”, “clean and checks”, and “maintenance services” performed on HVAC equipment were equivalent. ACCA developed this standard to provide a nationally-recognized, manufacturer-endorsed set of inspection tasks which would meet this need. This standard establishes the minimum tasks that should be performed for HVAC equipment maintenance inspections. From this base, consumers can compare the value of the additional recommended corrective actions which may be needed to remedy identified faults. For contractors, it provides a common platform for creating a maintenance program, while allowing for bundling different recommended corrective actions at different fee structures.” All of our plans cover inspecting and checking your HVAC equipment as part of a task list that you review when we are done. These checks are extensive, check out our Home Comfort Protection Plans page to go over each list for each type of equipment.

Platinum Home Protection Plans

Our Platinum Home Comfort Protection Plan has it all!  ACCA and Energy Star Compliant, our Platinum Plan is truly one plan that covers everything about your HVAC unit.  We cover all the bases when it comes to your HVAC equipment.  With potential annual savings of $1,360 or more!

Main Program Features:

  • Meets Energy star recommendations
  • Meets ACCA National Standard Task List qualifications
  • 3 Year parts and labor warranty
  • No Service Charge
  • Same Day Priority Status for repairs
  • Pre-Season Scheduling
  • Minimum 15% discount in repair parts
  • Discount on Accessories
  • $50 per year Purchase Accrual, credit towards new equipment *Must remain in plan to keep accrual
  • 2 Year Inflation Protection, (price protected)
  • Water Heater maintenance included
  • Humidifier maintenance included and Pad replacement included
  • Refrigerant Adjustment if needed
  • Wax Outdoor unit

ACCA National Standard Task List

  • Blower Wheel Cleaning
  • Burner Cleaning
  • Clean Coils
  • Condensate Treatment
  • Humidifier Check
  • Media Filter Replacement

How does it add up to a potential $1,360 savings or more? Here’s what is included in the Platinum Plan and the approximate value it saves in material and labor.  Some of these tasks are only done on certain equipment and not on all equipment, see our Home Comfort Protection Plan for more details.

  1. Cleaning the blower wheel, up to $165.75
  2. Cleaning the drains/traps, up to $165.75
  3. Changing batteries in thermostat, up to $8.08
  4. Replacing the hot surface ignitor, up to $228.81
  5. Wax the outdoor unit, up to $120.07
  6. Add refrigerant, THIS IS NOT A REPAIR, up to $264
  7. Replace T &P (Temperature and Pressure) valve, up to $257.80
  8. Clean inlet / flue pipe, up to $165.75
  9. Heat exchanger minor cleaning, Up to $82.88
  10. Purchase accrual per year, $50
  11. Hot water tank maintenance, $99
  12. Chemically Clean Coils, (if required), $75
  13. Condensate treatment, $25
  14. Humidifier check, $48
  15. Replace One Media Filter $51
  16. No Service Charges, $158 for two calls
  17. Air Freshener, $5

Gold Home Comfort Protection Plans

Our Gold HCPP complies with Energy Star recommendations for annual maintenance and is based on ACCA standard 5 . With potential savings of $261 or more!

Main Program Features:

  • Meets Energy Star Recommendations
  • 3 Year parts and labor warranty
  • No Service Charge
  • Same Day Priority Status
  • Pre-Season Scheduling
  • Minimum 15% discount in repair parts
  • Discount on add on accessories
  • Discount on Accessories
  • $25 per year Purchase Accrual, credit towards new equipment *Must remain in plan to keep accrual

ACCA National Standard Task List

  • Condensate Treatment
  • Media Filter Replacement
  • Clean Coils

How does it add up to a potential savings of $261 or more? Here’s what is included in the Gold Plan and the approximate value it saves in material and labor.  Some of these tasks are done on certain equipment not on all, see our Home Comfort Protection Plan for more details.

  1. Condensate treatment, $25
  2. No Service Charges, $158 for two calls
  3. Replace one media filter, $51
  4. Purchase accrual per year, $25
  5. Water Clean Coils, $10
  6. Air Freshener $5

Silver Home Comfort Protection Plans

Our Silver HCPP is based on ACCA standard 5 . Potential savings of $158 per unit! 

Main Program Features:

    • 2 year parts and labor warranty
  • No Service Charge
  • 24 Hour Priority Status for repairs
  • Pre-Season Scheduling
  • Minimum 15% discount on repair parts
  • Discount on Accessories

How does it add up to a $158 savings? Here’s what is included in the Silver Plan and the approximate value it saves in service calls.

*No Service Charges, $158 for two calls

Do these savings seem too good to be true?

Here’s an example with made up numbers just to show the basic difference between not having a HCPP and how it pays for itself.  In this example we have a pretty standard Miami Valley customer with a thermostat, natural gas furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, media filter, and a made up repair equaling $650 that involved a leak in the lineset that was repaired. before any discount is applied that we do a heating and cooling check on in the course of a year. All prices listed are up to amounts.

Replace Air Filter$0$0$70$83
Clean Blower Wheel$0$166$166$195
Clean Drains and Traps$0$166$166$195
Change Thermostat Batteries$0$8$8$9
Replace Hot Surface Ignitor$0$229$229$269
Wax Unit$0$120$120$141
Service Charge (two per year)$0$0$0$158
Chemically Clean Coils$0$79$79$98
Water Clean Coils$0$0$10$12
Condensate Treatment$0$0$25$28
repair cost (minus refrigerant)$328$328$328$386
Air Freshener$0$0$0$5
Humidifier Check (includes New Panel)$0$45$48$48
Water Heater Maintenance$0$99$111$111
Savings Total$1,674$499$379$0

Is this example a little extreme? Not if you follow the manufacturer recommendations for annual maintenance, Energy Star requirements for annual maintenance, and ACCA Standard 5 requirements for maintenance.  Not to mention the Purchase Accrual Program for Platinum and Gold HCPP. Up to $50 per year is earned by staying in the program and that money is used to help pay for a new system when it is time for a replacement system.

Remember that the Gold Plan gets another year of parts and labor warranty and same day service priority.

To get more information and to sign up, call us at 937-325-0636 or contact us online!

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5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons why annual maintenance on your furnace makes sense and saves you money!

By | Maintenance

At Hauck Bros., Inc, we are in the business of customer service and building relationships with our clients. We focus on service over new sales because not every repair means it is time for a new furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. According to Consumer Reports, with proper professional annual maintenance, furnaces typically last up to 18 years. We focus on those 18 years and how to make your furnace last as long as possible.  We want you to be comfortable, have a healthy indoor environment, and have your HVAC units operate as efficiently as possible.  Next month, we will go into more detail about our Home Comfort Protection Plans and the differences in each plan.  This month I will focus on why having annual maintenance makes financial and logical sense and what you can do as a homeowner or business to help maintain the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. From ACCA, Standard 4, “Conducting regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and remediation of HVAC systems prolongs equipment efficiency, promotes healthy clean air, supports lower utility costs, guards against unexpected failures, and prolongs equipment life. Occupants and the environment will both benefit.”

Yearly Maintenance Benefits in Detail

  1. Some manufacturers warranties require them to keep their warranty valid.
    • All manufacturers recommend annual inspections and maintenance be done by a qualified licensed professional. This is to ensure that their product is always at peak performance and to make sure only well-trained technicians are working on their product.  In short, with proper maintenance the manufacturer can guarantee their product for the life of the warranty.
  1. Having annual maintenance by the same servicer gives the client a history of each unit to rely on for recommendations and analysis.
    • At Hauck Bros. we keep records of your equipment history including maintenance and repair history for you as long as you are at your address. We use these histories to make recommendations on repairs and even replacements when the time comes for it. If you are selling your house, you can tell the new homeowner that Hauck Bros. has serviced your unit since you have had it and they have all the records of everything that has occurred with your HVAC system.
  1. Ensures your furnace maintains its peak efficiency.
    • When do some people call for service on their furnace? When they get a bill that is 2-3 times or more than their normal heating bill.  Having yearly maintenance on your furnace will ensure it is in peak condition and hopefully avoid costly wear and tear damage that may impact your furnace’s efficiency.
  1. Promotes healthy air.
    • Part of the annual maintenance is making sure to address parts of your HVAC system that affect indoor air quality.  The filter should be changed regularly, the blower wheel should be inspected, drains and traps should be cleaned, the intake and exhaust should be inspected, the indoor coil should be cleaned, should check for gas leaks. These are just some tasks that should be performed annually. They ensure your safety and ensure your system is operating in a way that improves the indoor air quality.
  1. Annual maintenance can prolong your furnace lifespan.
    • Minor problems are caught and repaired before they become big problems. Big problems can be caught before they become catastrophic problems. From the heat exchanger to control board to the filter, every aspect of your furnace is checked, tested, or inspected, this ensures there can be no doubt your furnace is in top shape for the upcoming heating season and for years to come.

What can you do yourself?

  • Make sure to inspect, clean, and/or change your air filters once a month
  • Listen to your system while it’s operating. If you hear unusual noises or vibrations, it might indicate a problem with your furnace
  • Smell. If you smell gas, call the gas company immediately.
  • Install alarms. Carbon Monoxide detectors are mandatory with fossil fuel furnaces. Install a water/freeze leak detector. This ensures if there is a backup of water or if it freezes you will be alerted immediately.
  • Make sure all supply and return ducts are obstacle free and clear of debris.
  • For fossil fuel furnaces, make sure the exhaust flue is clear of obstacles, debris, and nests.
  • Make sure to not store flammable objects around the furnace.
  • Make sure that only Licensed, Qualified, or if possible, Certified Professionals perform maintenance on your furnace.

How does having an annual maintenance agreement save me money?

  • With all of our Home Comfort Protection Plans, you receive a discount on any repairs.
  • With all of our plans there is never a charge for service call.
  • Our Gold and Platinum plans include the price of the filter once per year.
  • Our Gold and Platinum plans include the price of cleaning coils.
  • Our Gold and Platinum plans feature a Purchase Accrual credit that accrues each year. This Accrual is used towards the purchase of new equipment when the time comes.
  • By catching small problems before they become bigger problems, the repair costs by comparison would be lower.

At Hauck Bros., Inc. we feature Silver, Gold, and Platinum Home Comfort Protection Plans (HCPP), starting as low as $21 per month. Our Gold and Platinum HCPP meets Energy Star® Recommendations for annual service . Out Platinum HCPP meets ACCA, Standard 4 recommendations. Contact us via e-mailphone, or in person to learn more.

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