At Hauck Bros., Inc. we take pride in our service to Springfield, Clark County, and the entire Miami Valley. We have been serving the Miami Valley, since 1921, with professional and friendly HVAC service.  Our customers have trusted us to provide long-lasting products and extraordinary service to maintain their equipment until the end of its lifespan. At Hauck Bros., Inc. we take environmental responsibility seriously and we are constantly working on ways to minimize negative impacts on the environment and focus on offering Energy Star™ qualified products and services.  We are now partnered with Energy Star™ and Advanced Energy ™ to ensure our future is as energy efficient as possible. We want to ensure that we continue to offer you, our customers, the highest quality, most efficient products on the market and provide experienced, trained, licensed, and qualified technicians to install and maintain your HVAC Equipment. Thank you for supporting us!

Dedication to Green Energy

energy star

Energy Star Partner

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

advanced energy

Advanced Energy Partner

Advanced Energy ™ is a leading national credentialing organization with experience providing quality assurance services to HVAC contractors on the ENERGY STAR standards.

2019 Hauck Bros., Inc. Statistics

  • Over 260 cooling units upgraded
  • Over 80 cooling units Energy Star qualified
  • Over 210 furnace units upgraded
  • Over 110 furnace units Energy Star qualified
  • Over 100 Energy Star qualified thermostats installed
  • Over $30,000 total per year savings for heating utility costs
  • Over $21,000 total per year savings for cooling utility costs
  • Over $270,000 total 15 year estimated saving on cooling utility costs
  • Over $450,000 total 15 year estimated saving on heating utility costs

*Based on Dayton Ohio rates for 2019
**Based on Dayton Ohio rates for 2019 and average lifespan of HVAC units to be 15 years

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Eco Friendly Service

We offer two Home comfort Protection Plans (HCPP) that meet Energy Star recommendations for annual maintenance; Gold and Platinum. A well-maintained system HVAC system consumes less fuel by staying at maximum efficiency. Our technicians are EPA Section 608 certified as well, this ensures that any refrigerant handled is done so properly.

Hauck Bros., Inc. is committed to doing our part in the community and protecting our environment. We strive to deliver high efficiency products and adhere to Energy Star™ recommendations for annual service. Learn more about our green initiatives today by calling to speak with one of our friendly representatives. You can request service now by filling out our simple online form!

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