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Thermostat Tips for a Toasty Thanksgiving: Setting the Right Temperature

By November 21, 2023Heating

Thermostat Tips for a Toasty Thanksgiving: Setting the Right Temperature

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, the warmth of family gatherings is not the only thing you want to ensure. Your home’s thermostat plays a crucial role in creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the festivities. Here are some thermostat tips to help you set the right temperature for a toasty Thanksgiving celebration!

1. Pre-Heating Prep: Before your guests arrive, consider pre-heating your home to a slightly higher temperature than usual. The initial warmth will be a welcoming embrace as your loved ones step through the door. Make sure you don’t over do it though, if it’s too warm and basically hot, people might become a bit too uncomfortable. We don’t want that during the holidays! Aim for a nice 71-73 degree range depending on your preference.

2. Dinner Delight: Once the cooking begins and the oven is working overtime, adjust the thermostat to a slightly lower setting. The combined heat from cooking and the warmth of gathered guests will help maintain a comfortable temperature without making your home feel too hot. Definitely keep this in mind when you go to set your initial temperature before everyone arrives.

3. Outdoor Oasis: If your Thanksgiving celebration spills into outdoor spaces, make sure to adjust your thermostat accordingly. Lowering the indoor temperature a bit can create a pleasant contrast when guests move between indoor and outdoor areas.

4. Nighttime Nest: As the evening winds down and guests start heading home, gradually lower the thermostat to a comfortable sleeping temperature. This not only saves energy but ensures a restful night’s sleep for everyone. Especially any overnighters that may be staying with you.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance that keeps everyone comfortable without wasting a ton of energy. With these thermostat tips, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that enhances the joy of Thanksgiving.

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