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Sometimes solutions to HVAC comfort problems are tougher to solve than just replacing a furnace or a condensing unit. Running ductwork in a finished home or business can involve demolition to add ductwork, upgrading the furnace and condensing unit to a bigger size, and potentially having to upgrade the utilities to accommodate the new units. Some residential comfort issues that a ductless system might solve include, hard to heat and hard to cool areas, basement heating, adding a detached building, garage heating and cooling, and add-on’s.

How It Works

For most applications, exactly the same as a traditional system! Cooling coils carrying refrigerant help to remove heat and humidity from your home’s air, and your unit’s blower fan helps disperse the cold air. The hot air is released to the outside from the condenser. The compressor helps move the refrigerant through the coils and the condenser to cool the air for the blower to send into your home! Another fan sends the hot air through the condenser, while a filter removes things like dust and dander from the air. Finally, the thermostat regulates the amount of cold air that is being distributed to your home. Learn more about how duct free systems work here

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