The thermostat’s most basic function is to regulate the operation of heating and cooling equipment in your home or business. There are tow main types of thermostats, electromagnetic and electronic.  Older thermostats are mostly electromagnetic, they used a bi-metal coil or strip which moves as it expands and contracts with temperature changes. On the bi-metal strip is a small glass vial partially filled with mercury. This mercury inside the vial would move as the bi-metal strip is tilted and contact is made with electrical contacts to turn on the unit for heat or cool.  Modern thermostats are electronic and use a sensor to detect temperature levels. When the temperature detected differs from the selected temperature on the thermostat, the thermostat makes the circuit to turn on heat or cool.  Advanced features can be used on electronic thermostats such as programmable schedule, wi-fi, mobile device connections, energy tracking, sensors for other rooms, and much more.​

  • Non programmable

  • Programmable

  • Wi-Fi

  • Zoning capable

  • Some models can auto change between heat and cool settings.

  • Programmable to your schedule and lifestyle

  • Accessories controllable

    • Humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator and media filter can all be added on to certain models to allow the owner to see their status and control their comfort needs
  • Fan only mode

  • Back Lights

  • Routine Maintenance Reminders

  • Dealer Contact Information

  • Humidity Control

  • Zone Control Settings

  • Weather Forecast

  • Sensor Compatible

  • Energy Star qualified with WiFi

  • Occupancy sensor and programmable

  • Local utility rebate

  • Some models provide energy tips, energy reports

  • Up to 20% savings on some models

If your thermostat uses batteries, make sure to replace them once a year​.  Make sure the thermostat is free of clutter that may restrict airflow to the thermostat.

Benefits of Maintenance

  • Prolongs equipment efficiency
  • Promotes healthy clean air
  • Supports lower utility costs
  • Guards against unexpected failures
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Keeps your equipment warranty valid
  • Backplate

    • This wall plate covers most marks, holes, uneven paint or wallpaper issues left by other thermostats.
  • Damper Control Module

    • Intuitive prompts let you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, giving you the ultimate control over your home comfort.
  • Remote Room Sensor

    • These super-efficient sensors measure the average temperature in the most frequented rooms, and address hot and cold spots, keeping you either warm or cozy, or cool and relaxed- maximum and versatile comfort at your control.
  • Guard

    • Covers thermostat to provide protection, ultra violet resistant, and can be equipped with key to prevent tempering.

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