Puron® Environmentally Sound Refrigerant

  • No HCFCs
  • HFC refrigerant
  • Does not contain chlorine
  • Environmentally friendly

Puron® Environmentally Sound Refrigerant—Is Bryant’s refrigerant designed to help protect the environment. Puron is an HFC refrigerant which does not contain chlorine that can harm the ozone layer. The most important advantage of Puron refrigerant is that it has not been banned in future air conditioning systems as the traditional refrigerant R-22 has been. Puron refrigerant is in service in thousands of systems proving highly reliable and environmentally sound.

At Hauck Bros., Heating & Cooling, we care about the quality of our work, our clients and our environment. We take as many precautions as necessary to help maintain a healthy and safe climate for all.

The ozone layer shields the Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Emissions of certain synthetic chemicals—including CFCs, halons, and HCFCs—destroy the ozone layer, and have created an “ozone hole” over the South Pole.